Le Pelerinage de l’ame en prose [Post-script]

It’s been an incredibly long journey transcribing this text. So what’s next for the Pelerinage?

This project is, in essence, the first step for producing a scholarly edition of the text. So the next steps are to gather all 96 pieces into one document, and then go on to the other six manuscript copies and go through each of those to note down all the variants, etc., etc. That’s going to be another long process, and who knows if and when it will ever be “published” as such. The transcription here will remain up as long as WordPress does, as an open-access resource for anyone who might want it. Enjoy!

Up next: The anonymous French translation of the Disputacion entre l’esprit d’ung homme trespassé [Guy de Tourno] et ung pryeur des freres precheurs by Jean Gobi the Younger, as found in BnF fr. 1793, f. 126-65.



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