Same Task, Different Project

I spent six working days in the municipal archives in Dijon this summer as part of my research for the book I’d like to write, and came back with about 1,800 photos of documents. Now, some of that is 50 photos per document, because I only took one lens with me, which meant that I had to stand on a stool and take pictures of one small portion of the document at a time (and let me tell you about the side-eye I got from some of the French ladies in the reading room with me at the time!). A lot of it is one shot per page of expense accounts. Most of it is unarguably boring.

Nevertheless, it’s got to be transcribed. And since this is a Middle French transcription blog, well, why not post it here? I highly doubt anyone but myself will read it, but if you do, and if you use it for your own research, drop me a line 🙂

NB: These are quick, essentially diplomatic transcriptions, and there are occasionally words I can’t decipher right off the bat that are depicted with question-marks or as minim counts. They are also incomplete, in that I’m not bothering to transcribe page-long lists of the various types of bread eaten by Philippe le Bon and his sisters while they were hanging out together in Dijon in 1422. If you’re the type of person who wants those additional details, I’m happy to share the photos, but I’m not giving myself the extra transcription work.


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