About the Pelerinage de l’ame en prose

BnF fr. 602 f. 1
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, fr. 602, Pelerinage de l’ame en prose, f. 1

Book 2 of a trilogy written in verse by a Cistercian monk, Guillaume de Digulleville, during the 14th century. For more on him, his other works, a list of manuscripts, and a bibliography, check out ARLIMA’s page on Digulleville.

This particular version was translated into prose by Jean Galopes during his tenure in the service of the Duke of Bedford, from 1422 to 1431. In addition to ARLIMA’s page on him here, the IRHT has a helpful page regarding the early copies of his version of the text here. Another excellent read on the prose translation is Frédéric F. Duval, “La Mise en prose du Pèlerinage de l’ame de Guillaume de Digulleville par Jean Galopes,” Romania 128, no. 3 (2010): 394-427.

As a side note, the images that you’ll find throughout my transcription of the text are taken from BnF fr. 602, since the version I’m working with is not illuminated.