About Middle French Transcriptions

Hello! I’m S.C. Kaplan. I’m a French medievalist, currently at Rice University. While finishing my PhD at UC Santa Barbara, I kept running across Middle French texts for which there are no modern editions. In the interest of open access to these texts, I decided to post transcriptions (somewhat regularly), usually one recto or verso at a time.

My editorial interventions in these texts are minimal. In the literary texts, I have distinguished between i/j and u/v, regularized spacing and added apostrophes, punctuation, and capitalization following modern French usage to facilitate comprehension. I have added the accent aigu to the pronounced final e as well as diacritical marks as necessary. Citations (when I recognize them for such) are italicized, while words of which I’m not sure are bolded.

In the transcriptions of archival documents, I have distinguished between i/j and u/v, regularized spacing and added some punctuation and capitalization to facilitate comprehension, though I attempt to respect the medieval punctuation and capitalization as much as possible. Ellipses in square brackets indicate portions of the text that have been destroyed or are otherwise illegible or that I have chosen to omit, while ellipses not in brackets indicate words or passages that I have not yet been able to decipher.

If you notice any typos, believe you know what an unexpanded abbreviation means, or have information about a particular citation (which is to say, edition information + pages, generally speaking), please feel free to comment on the post to let me know!

I also have things going on Twitter (@MedievalLitura).


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